Our vision at Haiti Cheri Harvest Life Ministries is to cultivate thriving, self-sufficient Christian communities in rural Haiti.

Haiti Cheri’s founder Rev. Oris Guillaume was called to the ministry while living in Haiti in 1993. At that time God gave him a clear mission and a clear vision. After graduating from Seminary in 1998, Rev. Guillaume assumed responsibility for the congregation at Dolval Baptist Church. God’s plan moved Rev. Guillaume to the United States in 2000, and God reminded him to remember Haiti as Nehemiah remembered Israel. Soon after arriving, God put people in his path who came to understand the visionary call and are helping him bring it to fruition.

Since that time, Haiti Cheri has been hard at work making a difference in rural communities in Haiti.


Our Mission at Haiti Cheri Harvest Life Ministries is to spread the seed of God’s Word in Haiti as individuals and through our commitment to empower Haitian Christians. Empowerment comes with economic, agricultural, educational, medical, and evangelical training, along with infrastructure development. Our continued commitment to thriving, self-sufficient Christian communities will be accomplished through, among other things:

  1. The raising of funds to pay or arrange for such assistance and projects
  2. Direct involvement by the ministry through use of volunteers
  3. Partnering with other organizations with the resources and expertise to develop and construct such projects

All of this shall be accomplished as we maintain our core value to always seek the will of Christ through prayer and ensuring that all credit and glory is given to Jesus. As Haitian Christians are empowered for service, we look forward to a bountiful harvest for the Kingdom in the land of Haiti.


Haiti Cheri Harvest Life Ministries has been hard at work in several villages in Haiti’s Northeast Department, and Cap-Haitien located in the Department of the North. The organization became acquainted with this area through Rev. Oris Guillaume, formerly the pastor of Dolval Baptist Church, and now a citizen of the United States and a missionary to Haiti. Work is well established in the four areas of ministry, medical, development, and education.