The Development Program focuses on the areas of physical construction and economic development projects. Haiti Cheri has improved clean water access in a remote village serving more than 4000 residents. A large school building is under construction in a small village, which will serve multiple purposes when complete. Other projects for the future include agricultural development, an irrigation project, and other economic development efforts.

Micro-Finance - Future Program

Pòtapòt, which means Door-to-Door in English, is our micro-finance program. It recognizes that many people remain poor because of lack of access to capital, especially because commercial banks are unlikely to lend to poor people without adequate collateral. Pòtapòt is a non-sectarian program geared toward the empowerment and development of the economy of Haiti. We have operated this program in the past, and are seeking seed funding to relaunch this very successful program.

Building Projects

The immediate project under way is a 5000 square foot Primary School building. Work is well under way even as the fundraising effort continues. The walls are up, the floors are poured, and part of the building is roofed. We expect to complete the roof and add doors and windows during 2019. We have been able to re-roof two churches, and a third roofing project is planned for 2019.