Petit Frere at the Hospital

Last week we had a mission team from the U.S. visiting our ministry in Haiti. As we often do, we visited the hospital in Cap-Haitien. For people coming from developed countries, sometimes the visit can be quite shocking. This visit was no exception.

Conditions in the hospital are quite different from what visitors expect. The hospital provides a place where patients can find care if they have the money. Other things, such as food and bedding, must also be provided by the patient's family. These services are not available from the hospital. A patient can be admitted to the hospital for just a few dollars, but then additional care, such as surgery, lab testing, and medicines are strictly on a cash basis. No services will be provided without payment.

Such was the case with little Petit Frere when the visiting team walked into the hospital. Due to a birth defect, one of his bones was growing inward into his internal organs, and he was in critical need of abdominal surgery. His parents were destitute and had no way to pay the fees for the surgery. Our team asked what the cost would be, and learned that it would be $74.00. Yes, that is seventy-four dollars for major abdominal surgery! Even this amount of money was out of reach for the family. As you might imagine, our team members could not pull the money out fast enough. Within five minutes, Petit Frere was on his way to surgery. It was a success, and Petit Frere is expected to make a full recovery. His parents were profoundly grateful, as they were praying that God would make a way for them. This visiting team came just in time in answer to that prayer.

Our clinic in Cap-Haitien is up and running, with the mission to save lives. Sometimes that mission expands outward to the hospital to find lives to save there, as it did last week. God sent this mission team to save Petit Frere's life. You don't have to go all the way to Haiti to save a life there. Perhaps the Lord will lead you to help Haiti Cheri save a life through your financial contributions. As you can see, a small amount can make a big difference in Haiti!

The SiloĆ© Health Clinic Team 

Haiti Cheri Life Harvest Ministries

Cap-Haitien, Haiti