Our Clinic Goes Out to Meet Patients

Our staff organizes the first mobile clinic. One of the reasons the need for medical care is so pressing in Haiti is because millions of people do not have a means of transportation. One of our primary goals is to offer basic care at low cost or no cost to people wherever they are. The staff proves today they want to increase access to health care to everyone by following in Jesus' footsteps. They left the clinic and went to meet with patients. 

The doctors, nurses and staff did not wait for patients to come to them today. They went out to meet their needs and offered them services. They went out to one of Redford Baptist Church's satellite locations were Pastor Marcelin is currently serving. They saw 41 patients and shared the gospel with all of them. They were also there to help them with earlier illness prevention, diagnosis, and care. Please pray for the staff as they continue serving Haiti.  

Please learn about Gethro Clebert and Martine Bellamour. They are the mobile clinic organizers.

Gethro is currently the clinic manager and supervises the staff, while Martine is the clinic coordinator. She is overseeing the medicine and administration of the building. We are so grateful to work with them. "I hope that by going out today, people living few miles away have seen the care that is available for them at the clinic and they will be encouraged to visit the clinics for their health problems," said Martine Bellamour, Coordinator.

We would like to close this note with JeanBa Celon comments to the staff out of his grateful heart: "Thank you for bringing this service free to us. I have been sick for 6 months, but I did not have money to visit a doctor. But you helped save my life." Missionaries have been asking this question before when we have previously had mobile clinics: "How do you ensure follow up?" Because of your support we have the answer now. Patients can go to our facility for follow up now.

Our clinic touches very real physical needs for families and children each week, but more importantly, our goal is to save lives by presenting Christ Jesus to them. Remember $5 can pay for doctor's visit, medicine and run basic tests for a patient.

We recently received some very valuable medical equipment and supplies that will make our clinic even better. We have started a fundraiser on Crowdrise to get this life saving bounty to Haiti. Would you like to help us? Please click

https://www.crowdrise.com/medicalsuppliestohaiti/fundraiser/haiticherinews to give, and please share it with your friends!

The SiloĆ© Health Clinic Team 

Haiti Cheri Life Harvest Ministries

Cap-Haitien, Haiti