Karlene Goes to the Clinic

Six year old Karlene was not feeling well. She had a pain in her abdomen. Her mother knew she needed medical attention, but she's single and does not have any means to pay for diagnosis and treatment. At most clinics and hospitals in Cap-Haitien, you do not receive treatment unless you have the cash.

Fortunately, Karlene's mom lives near our clinic and heard that we might be able to help. We charge a nominal fee, amounting to about $3 US, but we have a policy that we will never turn anyone away for financial reasons. Karlene was able to receive the treatment she needed at no cost to her. As you can imagine, Mom was thrilled!

Unemployment runs at about 85% in Haiti. People do whatever they can to scratch a living out of the ground, and they get by. For many, even the fee of $3 is too much. Siloé Health Clinic is here to help. We are dedicated to impacting our local community, and to save lives.

Gethro Clebert, the manager of the clinic, explains that for the patient our main goal is to provide primary care and preventive health services to the community of Charier where we are located. Furthermore, the clinic will help us reach the most vulnerable patients with earlier prevention, diagnosis, and care. Lastly, we extend beyond our immediate area through our mobile medical clinic outreach to rural, underserved communities. 

Karlene is an example how we are providing care to all so that we can save one life at a time.

The Siloé Health Clinic Team 

Haiti Cheri Life Harvest Ministries

Cap-Haitien, Haiti