Jerome’s Story – A Call to Action!

The former U.S. President Jimmy Carter once said, we believe good health is a basic human right, especially among poor people afflicted with disease who are isolated, forgotten, ignored, and often without hope. The former president is right; and I believe Haiti fits that category perfectly. The Haitian people have been crippled by countless diseases for years. Will they ever have that basic human right need for good health care met? It is surprising that some came and saw the conditions of the Haitian people and did not take much action to help ameliorate their conditions... We are beyond grateful for those of you who took action in the past and continue to help the cause. We need your help more than ever before! We need those of you with Good Samaritan hearts to take action!

Jerome is a 7 year old miracle who came to clinic Siloé and received great medical treatment from our staff. The clinic is a source of hope for Haiti; Jerome was in excruciating abdominal pain for three days when his father brought him in. After seeing Dr. Cyriaque and being given some medication, the boy was doing so well in just a few minutes that he immediately asked for food. Gethro quickly went to pick up bread and cookies for the boy. This is one of the stories of survival that has inspired Siloé Clinic response and recovery work to help heal the people in the community.
Did you know before the clinic opened, residents of Cap-Haitian had very limited access to primary care services such as x-ray, regular doctor's visits, and access to an average testing lab? Haiti Cheri staff and Siloé Health Clinic are very excited about this new chapter in Haiti Cheri's vision. With God's help and your prayers we are committed to changing that this year, not next year... Now is the time...
Friends, we need your prayers and your support... The success of our vision depends on the commitment and dedications of our Haitian staff as well as you're your support. The clinic will not survive without your support and partnership with Haiti Cheri. By support we mean both your prayers and financial support. Have you ever been in Haiti on a mission trip to see your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ lay on their back at the Justinian Hospital with no medical attention? We at Haiti Cheri take the lead with your prayers and your partnership to change this situation. Are you looking to make a lasting impact just as our Siloé staff is doing in Haiti right now?  

Come join us on a weekend trip clinic trip to Haiti. We are looking for nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers who are willing to spend a weekend to serve in Haiti. We are planning a mission trip every other month with Pastor Oris. It will be a short trip to serve inside the clinic from Friday to Wednesday. We also have an upcoming trip scheduled from March 28th through April 4th. Please sign-up before it's too late. We will also coordinate lodging, meals and provide flight details. Volunteers please remember to plan on covering the cost of your airline tickets and submit a minimum donation to cover in-county expenses when in Haiti. Please sign up as quickly as possible as our space is very limited.